What Our Customers Say About Our FORCO Products

These are some of our happy and supportive customers who were kind enough to leave their success testimonials. If you'd like to add a testimonial, please use the link above.

I have a 12 yo Quarter Horse stallion that has been having bouts of colic and has a poor appetite.  My sister, who has eventing horses, recommended I give Forco a try.  Since being on Forco approximately 30 days now, my stallion has a much improved appetite and has not had any more bouts of colic!  We LOVE Forco!


Penny from South Dakota
21 December 2012

My 16 yo Thoroughbred gelding has been showing signs of ulcers, wet manure occasionally, and chronic watery discharge in manure.  After being on Forco for 6 weeks now, his manure is more firm and very rarely has a watery discharge now.  His coat looks nice.  He has not had any ulcer issues since being on Forco.


Pattie from Colorado
17 December 2012

“My farrier was here today and wanted to know what I was feeding that was different. He said their feet were tougher and had more frog growth. I really like Forco. Also, I had given the farrier some Forco the time before when he was out to give to a horse he was having trouble getting weight on and he has seen a real difference.”


Juanita from Mississippi
29 November 2012

“I started feeding Forco in August to my 5 yo running Quarter Horse, Patriots Glory.  Glory, who is AAA with a Speed Index of 111 and earnings of $186,000, recently ran in 3 top races over a span of just 30 days.
Glory placed in each of them, winning the Bank of America Racing Challenge Championship, which was his biggest purse win to date.  I truly believe Glory’s stamina/endurance has improved while on Forco and also his recovery time between races has seemed to improve.

I am very satisfied with the results I have seen since feeding Forco.  I highly recommend Forco as a cost effective way to help keep your horse healthy and give them every advantage to be at the top of their game.”

D&G Ranch

D&G Ranch of Colorado
22 November 2012

My 7 yo Quarter Horse gelding exhibited a mild case of tie up for the first time 7/23/2012.  He had another mild case on 8/23 at which time I had him checked by two veterinarians and began changes to his diet.  On 9/13 he had his most severe tie up. I was not able to compete on him at the No Brakes Tour Finals due to his condition. I had blood pulled again and his levels verified the tie up diagnosis.

I talked with Nicole on 9/16 and started Danny on FORCO that evening.  A week later I had blood pulled again and his levels had come down substantially.  I competed on him the following Sunday with no tie up issues. I have resumed his normal activities and competitions and have not had any tie up issues to date (11/1/2012). The other thing I noticed about the FORCO was that it greatly increased Danny’s appetite. I made changes to his diet which included the addition of loose powder supplements of DMG, magnesium, vitamin E, selenium, and iron.  He was not too excited to consume all of this mixed with his low starch feed, but once I started to add FORCO to his feed, nothing is left in his pan. He also broke out in dapples across his entire body in about two weeks.  His appetite is good and he has resumed his ‘feel good’ personality.  I am very pleased with the results I have seen since starting to feed FORCO and have recommended FORCO to other horse owners.


Patti from Colorado
20 November 2012

Currently I am boarding a 16 yo Thoroughbred for a friend.  He was dramatically dropping weight.  He was treated empirically for ulcers, with no change.  Felt that where he was boarding at that he was just underfed.
I have had him approximately 6 weeks now and he has been on Forco for 2 weeks with remarkable changes along with being on a very good feeding program now.  His coat is shiny and he seems happier.  After seeing the changes in him, all of my other 8 Quarter Horses are now on Forco and looking great.

Brenda from Colorado
12 November 2012

My 11 yo Quarter Horse gelding is your typical tightly wound race horse that has a career as a barrel horse.  He was not exhibiting any real ‘issues’.   After being on Forco for 30 days I have noticed normal stools, less stress indicators like teeth grinding and head flipping (especially when hauling).


Ginger from Colorado
25 October 2012

I am dealing with many digestion issues on my 12 yo Quarter Horse mare.  She has been bloating, has mild constipation, and colic/tie up 2x this summer (once due to extreme heat/weather, once due to giving an oral bronchial dilator).
My mare LOVES Forco!  I gave her a handful yesterday after I purchased it from Nicole and she licked it all right out of my hand!  When I put it on her grain, she would not take her head out of her grain bucket.  After being Forco only about 3 weeks, she does not have any more bloat!


Shannon from Colorado
09 October 2012

“I have been feeding Forco now for almost a month to my barrel horse that has suffered from ulcers and in the past has been very hard to keep weight on. I love this product and have gotten so many complements on how great my horse looks and how happy and relaxed he looks while running. I have no doubt that this is all because his gut is finally healthy thanks to Forco!”


Rachel from North Dakota
27 August 2012

“We have a mare that would not eat.  We literally had to force feed her.  After just two weeks on Forco the mare was eating and would not take her head out of the bucket until she was done. I have never seen a product like Forco.”

Racehorse Trainer

Paul from Texas
14 August 2012

My 14 yo Quarter Horse gelding has been exhibiting signs of stomach ulcers.  He is hard to keep weight on and does not like to eat grain when away from home and he becomes crabby very easily.  He has been treated with different products for stomach ulcers and is currently out due to an injured right hind suspensory ligament injury.

Since being on Forco approximately 30 days now, he is cleaning up his grain quicker.  He now eats all of his grain before he eats his hay.  He is putting on weight.  He also used to be cranky/crabby when I would go into clean his pen and pin his ears and act like he wanted to kick me, he does not do that now.   I have also started a yearling on Forco and have seen him put on weight and just look better overall since being on Forco.


Heather from Colorado
11 August 2012

I started the two mares that I haul on Forco.  First, my 5 yo Quarter Horse mare had some pretty significant troubles with ulcers and nervous stomach/increased acid production under stress (as evidenced by behavioral problems, loss in weight, loose stools, etc.) She had been through a series of UlcerGuard and then had been maintained on daily Omeprazole granules for approximately 3 months before starting Forco. She was still having a hard time maintaining weight and had loose stools, particularly when hauling.

Since being of Forco for approximately 30 days, she still has loose stools when hauled, but her stools at home are more solid. I have recently increased her dose to 4 scoops/day to see if that remedies the problem. She exhibits more relaxation when warming up for runs and seems to be maintaining and even gaining a bit of weight.
I don’t know if it’s directly due to Forco, where she’s at in training (since she’s a young colt coming into herself), or a combination of the two, but she has been consistently decreasing her times and has placed at or won most of the last few barrel races we’ve been to. I do believe it is helping with the increased acid production in her stomach when nervous, even though I do still have her on the Omeprazole granules as well. I would love to manage her on Forco only and discontinue using the Omeprazole in the future. I feel like the changes I’ve seen are definitely reason to continue using Forco.

My second horse, a 6 yo Quarter Horse mare, has a considerable physical injury history, but never diagnosed of having stomach concerns and no history of colic. She has always been a “hot” mare and was typically cranky to warm up, but her crankiness had gradually increased over the last few months. I suspected that she may have been starting to have stomach ulcers.

After 30 days of being on Forco, her attitude in the warm-up pen has improved considerably. She is still “hot” most of the time, but that is part of her personality. However, her crankiness has decreased to what I feel is a more typical (and manageable) range for her.

This mare, like my other mare on Forco, has also been getting more consistent in her runs and has also placed at or won most of the last several barrel races I’ve hauled her to since starting Forco. She is significantly calmer in warm-up, and I believe this is likely due to the Forco helping with the stomach ulcers I suspected she was developing. I will definitely continue to use Forco, and will be sending some to my parents to use it on their leading barrel horse sire Smoke N Sparks colts in training.

Kathy from Colorado
12 July 2012

“I switched to Forco from Fast Track roughly four months ago and LOVE Forco!”


Holly from Nebraska
28 June 2012

“We use Forco on all of our horses at the ranch (over 40) and love the product!”


Tina from California
25 April 2012

We have an 11 yo Quarter Horse gelding that had colic issues twice in Jan 2012.  Once from an impaction (we thought) and once from ulcers.  The episodes were three weeks apart.  We had the horse scoped after the second episode and the veterinarian felt the colic from the first episode may have been contributed to the ulcers as well.
The horse has been on Forco for 4 weeks now.  He is gaining weight.  His coat is shinier, and his ‘spark’ is back.  He no longer is dull, flat, or lackadaisical.  Forco is giving him the support he needs to gain weight and help in the healing and prevention of the ulcers in his stomach.  We have not experienced any signs of colic since he has been on Forco.
We have been feeding Forco for over 1.5 years now to all of our horses, from weanlings to 20 plus year old broodmares.  All eat it willingly.  We have seen an overall body mass improvement as well as healthier/shinier coats.  We have not had a single colic episode since incorportating Forco into our feeding program.   Thanks Forco!


Jeff from Colorado
03 April 2012

Dave, I just wanted to say "thank you" for your support of me and my boy "Bo Doc!" Since starting Bo Doc on FORCO just 2 months ago, he has been feeling, acting, and eating better than he has in many, many months. I feel that FORCO has enabled him to better utilize his other supplements and has kept his tummy very happy. I have not had a bout of colic come up since using FORCO! A true blessing!

This past weekend proves how good he feels! At the Mile Hi Firecracker Blast he was the:

  • - Open 1D Winner, July 3, 2011
  • - Open 1D Winner, July 4, 2011
  • - Fastest two times of the weekend out of 370 runs
  • - High money winner for the weekend

390 Nicole Schmidt and BoDoc

Thank you again! We are very proud to be a part of the FORCO Team!

Nicole Schmidt (& Bo Doc)

Nicole from Colorado
12 July 2011

We travel a heavy State Fair and Rodeo circuit and feed FORCO every day!  We love it!

Shaun & Kendra Bovard

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Luke, Hank - Wheel,  Dean, Rebel - Swing,  John, Sarge - Point,  Mike, Jack - Lead

Shaun & Kendra
23 April 2011

On behalf of the Colorado Horse Rescue, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to David Frank, President of Forco LLC, for introducing us to Forco Feed Supplement. Some of the horses we receive are perfectly healthy, a large portion are severely debilitated upon arrival.

We conducted a study tracing weights of 5 different horses on a weekly basis for two months. All the horses had gained weight and had improved body conditions. Using this fabulous product has allowed us to maintain optimum health and nutrition for all of our horses. Results can be noticed almost immediately. Our horses gain weight quickly and develop shiny healthy coats.

During our first year with Forco we have only had one instance of colic. This is an incredible statistic, considering we have an average of forty horses on our farm, some with extreme medical conditions. Our sincere gratitude goes out to Forco and Forco Feed Supplement.

Rachel Tanguy, Executive Director
Colorado Horse Rescue, Longmont, CO

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Rachel from Colorado Horse Rescue
18 February 2011