2012 New Product FORCO 1

FORCO Bull Builder


Building Bulls from the Inside Out


FORCO Bull Builder is a source of nutrients that feed the bacteria and microbes in the digestive system enabling your bulls' digestive system to perform up to its genetic potential.  Good Nutrition requires a balanced ration and a balanced digestive system.

FORCO Bull Builder will:

  • Feed the bacteria in the whole digestive system and increase bacteria in the rumen.
  • Increase protein digestion resulting in better muscle growth, good hair coat and better feet.
  • Cause better fiber digestion
  • Give you the ability to feed more hay and not worry about a 'hay belly'.
  • The more roughage in the diet, the fewer digestive problems you will have.
  • Changing feed sources on the road will cause less stress on the bulls' digestive system if you feed bull builder.
  • Keeping the bacteria population within corect limits and populations will cause your bull to be less sensitive to the stresses caused by hauling and performing.
  • A healthy digestive system causes your bull to eat better, maintain an athletic weight, and have good muscle tone.